As Hoody Studios, we provide game development trainings for everyone who wants to develop games. Our trainings will be carried out online and last about 4 months. We are waiting for everyone who wants to improve themselves, regardless of their level of knowledge. If you want to participate, you can contact us by filling out the form below and apply!

    Frequently asked Questions

    What is Hoody Studios Academy?

    Hoody Studios Academy is a process for everyone who wants to learn game development and get direct information about the game development industry in Turkey. We completed our first training tour between 04.10.2020 – 15.12.2020 and the second training round will start on 01.04.2021.

    What kind of activities / lessons are there in Hoody Studios Academy?

    Unity and C # lessons that will be held twice a week.
    Days to review an existing game or technology in every three weeks.
    Guests at the leading names in the game development industry in Turkey.

    What will the participants learn when the lessons are over?

    They will be able to learn the basics of game development and develop simple mechanized games on their own.
    They will have learned up-to-date information about the game development industry.
    They will have gained experience of working as a team.

    What are the technologies to be used during lessons?

    Unity 2020.x.x
    C# Programming language

    What do I need to know to be accepted into this training?

    Since our training will start from scratch with basic programming training, it will be enough for you to participate in our training to master basic computer skills.